What are dimensions?

Guidance from my guides: I have been asked many times what is a dimension so my guides wanted to add this knowledge for you.

Well it is a word given to humanity by your ascension guides to help you understand the layers of energy of existence in the universe. Laid out below is our translation for your understanding that was channeled for the earth book ‘The light in Atlantis’ book. We have heard some say there is not any dimensions, but there is many forms of existence and you need to try to understand this. Imagine a sack that had 12 various layers of objects from earth, at the bottom is a layer of rocks presenting dimension one, the heaviest energy layer. Then the last twelve layer at the top of the sack is light feathers presenting the lightest purist energy layer of existence. If you throw the rocks into water they sink and the feathers float -get the picture. Below is a more in-depth analysis for you.

The first dimension is the consciousness of physical prime of any physical matter. This is the dimension of, for example, minerals, and is the slowest in terms of vibratory rate. Many planets we know are made up of atoms, molecules and minerals. These planets are alive, radiating a frequency in this dimension. They can hold their history and knowledge that we seek, and depending on their level of consciousness, the beings that live on these planets will be able to tap into the knowledge the planet can reveal to them. All planets start at this frequency level but they can grow in energy and frequency, and ascend to fifth dimensional levels. This can take a long time to happen and usually occurs when the beings on the planet also ascend. But what is achieved can easily be reversed if the beings falter in the fifth dimensional way of being and cause harm to the planet they are part of. This can cause a shock wave to the heart of the planet’s energy and frequency, triggering it to self-cleanse and purify. Higher ascended beings can connect to their planet and hear its story and wishes; these beings will work for the good of their planet and not cause it any harm.

The second dimension is simply another step that sacred consciousness takes in its rate of vibration and intent. This is the plane of plants, trees, animals and insects. One must remember that everything is alive and has an intelligence that speaks from all parts of existence. Some planets have been populated with second dimensional life from other planets, acting as the food source when populated with physical forms. In the lower energy dimension these plants and animals know their purpose – for example, to be consumed as a food source. All they ask is for thanks for their spirit, which has given this life-sustaining source, and respect for their kind and habitat. They have an intuitive sense that enables them to understand the different roles of each other and the planet they live on. This second dimension level can also ascend with a planet, alongside beings raising their frequency. Many ascended planets have beautiful, spiritual animals that are sometimes used to populate lower energy planets to help raise the energies. When an animal is of higher ascension they will no longer be a food source and will be treated as equals by the physical forms on these ascended planets.

The third dimension is known as the physical reality of the conscious being. The third dimension is heavy, a busy, chattering, flowing dimension; beings in this dimension can hold love and kindness but also be full of fear, anger and feelings of powerlessness; many feel lost in the world they live in. They feel they want to do more for their world, but are swimming against a heavy current, living in hope the tide will change and their world will know peace. Often, these lower energy worlds know war and self-destruction, which is sad for the rest of the universe to witness.

In this dimension, the beings create their reality through their own mind restrictions – hate attracting hate, love attracting love – a circle that keeps repeating the same pattern unless they can see the light of a higher source existence. These beings only have to move their attention to other things to change their reality – which is where their mind is in that moment of their existence. In other words, beings attract more of the reality their attention is focused on, hate-to-hate, or love-to-love. These emotions also affect their physical body and its powers to self-heal, ascend, and love; these positive vibrations can move them out of the third dimension reality, while hate traps them in it.

The physical beings in a third dimension existence have certain characteristics that some of you from lower energy dimensions will recognise. They are egocentric and self-serving, and their actions are based on fear; they are judgmental and lack compassion. They are competitive, self-righteous, self-important and non-trusting. They also are materialistic, need security and are controlling. Their emotions are governed by their past experiences and a future they cannot see or control. On some of the planets that have been chosen for enlightenment, the physical beings have an ascension soul within them. They will experience love, kindness and empathy, which conflict with the heavy energy of the three dimensional existence.

If a third dimensional world is left with no spiritual awakening the beings exist in the lower heavier, darker energy of self-cycling ego; they do not survive long and can eventually self-destruct. I know questions will arise such as: “Do they have their own spirit to identify with?” Yes they do; we call it the essence of that being and on their death, their essence will merge back to their energy world, becoming one again with this existence. Remember that the overseers in dimension twelve record all energy from all realities; nothing is ever lost. When a lower energy form is connected to a higher energy as a soul within, then their lives are recorded and remembered by the ascended being that was connected to the lower energy physical form. As the physical form ascends into the higher spiritual way of understanding  the fifth dimension – the beginning of the multidimensional process – then the spirit soul within is no longer needed. At this point, the Intergalactic Council takes over and guides the ascending species into further ascension stages, culminating in the full multidimensional form.

The fourth energy dimension is the astral plane; it is made up of celestial layers between the third and fifth dimensions and is what we call the middle ground, the stepping-stone to the fifth dimension. The fourth dimension is one of transition – it is smoother flowing, offering possibility, capabilities and clarity you cannot achieve in the lower dimensions. Its higher knowledge brings more hope for those still in the third dimension reality. Beings can find this astral plane in their dreams, or in the meditation state. Many high ascendingbeings will visit lower energy physical forms while they are asleep, using this fourth dimension conscious state to give them guidance, healing and messages. Incarnated souls also use this dimension for multidimensional travel with other incarnated souls.

This fourth dimension astral energy plane of hope leads the third dimensional beings away from the negative hate and anger energy towards the love energy, which prepares them for the unconditional love energy of the fifth dimension. To enter the fourth dimension astral plane, a lower level being needs to raise their energies and state of consciousness and vibration by working in the thoughts of peace, love and light.

When the physical being starts to ascend, they learn to control the ego excepting the transition from egoist karma fear-based reality to the love reality; to achieve this, they must have gone through spiritual awakening. Their consciousness expands, purging their minds of negative emotions and self-serving belief systems. They start to realise that their spiritual self is more than a physical body, aiding them to tap into the collective consciousness of the universe. Their species will become more telepathic and have out of body experiences connecting with the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is the start of an amazing change in themselves and their world.

The fifth dimension is a high frequency energy plane that exists in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, kindness and joy. At this stage of ascension a physical being can choose to shed the physical body form, creating a multidimensional version of the light body’s self. There are no time or space restraints, they exist in the here and now in unity, with no worries about past or future. No more negative thoughts stream into the mind of a being that has reached full fifth dimension consciousness. The conscious mind is quieter, allowing for telepathic skills and conscious growth; existence will be without the constant chatter that flows into the third dimension mind. While in this wonderful fifth dimension, you can also connect to the universe knowledge library and achieve so much more.

The physical forms that ascend into the fifth dimension energy are without ego and live for service to others. All their actions are based on love and their hearts and minds know only unconditional love. They recognise themselves as the whole and with this understanding, duality and linear time dissolve. There is no longer a need for possession or status. You can still be in physical form in this dimension, and if you wish, choose to let go the physical body as you ascend to the higher levels of the fifth dimension, and into sixth and seventh.

The sixth to twelfth dimensions open up to vast consciousness that increases on each level. As you enter the higher dimensions you lose shape and form. This is like an abstract painting – it can be hard to describe in a lower energy language.

The sixth dimension is where conscious ideas can begin in the language of life and light in the morphogenetic fields. These are patterns of energy that hold your template, recording the geometry of not only of your physical and ethereal bodies, but also the collective information of your species. A species’ morphic field is much like a monad connecting us all genetically, culturally, and spiritually. We know that once the critical mass of that species reaches a specific high level of ascension, the rest of the species can automatically ascend in what is called a global ascension, connecting with the six dimensions. Beings that live in these dimensions are able to transform in both these dimensions and the lower energy dimensions. They can adjust to a physical state as well as living a highly ascended way of being. They can travel through dimensions and alternate realities without being seen by the lower, heavier worlds of, say, the third dimension realities. A being’s mission in this dimension is to teach others about the conscious light and how to grow in each dimension so you can ascend to the next, and understand the ascension journey ahead of them.

The seventh dimension is the realm of cosmic sound, which is the harmonics of creation. The sound of creation weaves together the structure of the universe and all we know in a geometric matrix. The best way for me to explain this is if you imagine fine threads interweaving through the universe connected to everything, all creation held together by a divine vibration of harmonic sounds. Beings in the lower level dimensions cannot hear this – it is audible only when you ascend to this higher level of conscious being with no form or shape, as you grow in understanding of your worlds.

All beings have a unique signature frequency note that radiates out and links with this dimension. Highly ascended non-physical light beings work along a vibration of light and sound as their form moves in the dimensional layers of the universe. Beings in third to fifth dimensional consciousness can interpret these beings as tall light beacons or light orbs. Beings in the sixth dimension and beyond see high-ascended beings in their true light form. The seventh dimension being can also choose to appear as a physical being in their communication with lower energy civilisations, to aid their understanding of them.

The eighth dimension is the realm of conscious pure light mind energy of creation. Beings that can reach this dimension can join together, as individual cells come together to form a single body, and work together to create new wonders. This joining of the few to become one is the beginning of all possibilities; what is manifested appears in different ways, depending on your level of ascension in the universe. These beings can manifest creation for the multidimensional, non-physical reality and the solid physical planes in the first to third dimensions. If a physical being is connected to the eighth dimension, they can manifest all they need with a single thought – for example dwellings, food and clothes. A physical being in the third dimension who has not ascended beyond this point cannot manifest what they need in this way, but they can create, say, a building through physical materials by using their physical strength and intelligence. In the lower dimensions, your choices govern how this manifests in your reality.

Many species that understand the sound harmonics and pure light energy of the seventh and eighth dimensions have used this power source for light port way travel and star ships.

The ninth dimension hosts beings that exist in the multidimensional energy form. They can create star travel throughout the dimensions and can also choose to take on a physical form on a planet – or even be a planet! This is where the hierarchy of all form in the universe is established. For example, planets and physical beings need their light star energy source to survive, but the light star can survive without the planet and beings.  From the light star to the small speck of mineral dust, all have purpose and hierarchy, once this chain of events is started, each will depend on the other for survival and all will depend on the light star.

The tenth dimension holds the living truth of all that was and will be, and is the pure light from unconditional love that is within everything. It is the backbone that runs through all dimensions, holding them together and projecting consciousness into any form in the universe with the energy of ‘Intention’. Remember that the intent behind any thought and action ripples through all the dimensions. Pure intent is a very powerful energy and it is the thoughts of a pure mind and heart that creates it. This dimension is also a gateway into other universes beyond the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensions. The gateway is monitored, and travel to these other universes is restricted with the understanding that all travelers must
cause minimal disruption, to maintain the balance of all.
The other universes also have gateways with the same understanding, which the overseers have assured across many, many existences.

The eleventh dimension is the realm of the universe’s living consciousness. Here, a universe can be created, or destroyed by calling all living energy forms home to this realm. The overseers are part of this universe consciousness, bringing unconditional love pure light energy to all they choose to enlighten. They are linked closely to the tenth and twelfth dimensions as these three hold all of creation in place.

The twelfth dimension holds the nucleus of all, sitting in an energy womb that resonates out infinitely. It expands to embrace all the dimensions and galactic existence with a cosmic matrix running through all the dimensions. The number twelve is part of form through the universes – for example, some highly ascended physical beings have twelve strands of DNA. This is the pure conscious center of all, where the overseers reside and have gateways to all existence. The beings from this dimension are extraordinary cosmic beings of the purest light; only they know this bliss and pure love consciousness energy.

We hope this brings understanding to you in your 3D matrix existence, but the reality is you will have greater understanding as you ascend on earths learning path and when you return to your home source existence. Just remember everything is energy, and you see your world in your understanding of the universe and that is just fine. But we see your world in a dimensional form of many layers of energy with many fascist to them, all beautiful in their own right.

Love and blessings to all xxxxxxx